Our privacy commitment

CBRE Pty Limited ACN 057 373 574 acting as agent for and on behalf of Calardu Penrith Pty Ltd A.C.N. 071 622 609 of A1 Richmond Road, Homebush West, New South Wales 2140, in relation to the property known as the Penrith Homemaker Centre, at Pattys Place, Penrith, New South Wales, is committed to managing your personal information openly and transparently and to keeping your personal information safe.


We will take all necessary measures to fulfil this commitment, including to:


About this Policy

This policy is intended to explain clearly and in plain language some of the key processes and procedures that we have implemented to manage your personal information, to protect your privacy and to comply with the Privacy Act 1988, the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (“Act”) and the Australian Privacy Principles. References to “our”, “us” and “we” in this policy are references to CBRE (V) Pty Limited acting as agent for and on behalf of Calardu Penrith Pty Ltd. 


www.penrithhomemakercentre.com.au (“Website”) is owned by Calardu Penrith Pty Limited and administered by CBRE (V) Pty Limited acting as agent for and on behalf of Calardu Penrith Pty Ltd. This policy gives a broad overview of our policies in relation to privacy but if you require further information, you are welcome to contact us or to read any of the privacy statements or notices that will be issued to you as and when personal information is collected. You must read this privacy policy before providing us with any personal information or using the Website. By providing us with your personal information and using the Website, you are confirming your agreement to the policies and procedures described in this privacy policy.


What sorts of personal information do we collect?

We will only collect from you information that is necessary and relevant to our relationship with you, including to enable us to provide to you the best possible service and customer experience. Depending on the exact nature of our relationship with you, we may request that you provide some or all of the following information:



It would be very unusual for us to need to collect all or even most of the above information from you however the information we will require will depend on the specific service or services that we are providing to you. We will only collect personal information from you that we reasonably require in order to satisfactorily perform the services that you require from us.


The Act places restrictions on us collecting sensitive information about you (which includes information about your religion, political views, ethnicity, criminal records and sexual preferences). Generally we will not collect this type of information, however, we may need to collect some sensitive information if you are applying for a job with us, and you have provided us with your consent to do so.